National Lifestyle Villages – Vibe Baldivis

Lifestylers make genuine, life-long friendships with their neighbours and go out of their way to look after each other. A culture of ‘neighbourhood watch’ means that your home is safe when you’re out or away on holidays.

“I can honestly say I like every person who lives on our street. They are so kind, friendly, helpful and caring. And because I’m diabetic, they check on me often.” – Carmen D’Souza, Vibe

Lifestylers sometimes jest that you need to put half an hour aside to pop down to the letterbox – though it’s not always a joke! And whether you’re into craft, gardening, woodworking, sports, travel or general socialising, there’s likeminded people waiting to welcome you into the fold.

“There’s a great community spirit in our Village, there’s always somebody who will ask you in for a cup of tea or to do something. You can leave your door open, it’s very safe.” – Yvonne Westoll, Vibe

Lifestylers enjoy 24-hour access to the resort-style facilities at Vibe Baldivis. Indulge in your favourite hobbies or find some new ones. You might like Latin Line Dance, Tai Chi or Mah Jong in the Clubhouse. Or perhaps you prefer to play a friendly game of bowls or participate in a darts tournament?

The Social Club produces a packed out calendar each month which includes everything from trips to the casino, morning teas and dinners, field days and Disco Dance events to regular outings to major shopping centres.

Many of these events are made possible by use of the Village Bus, which is co-ordinated by the social club and driven by volunteers at Vibe.

“There’s always something to do, every day. You’re never at a loose end. You’re always busy doing something. And the social side of it is really nice as well.” – Jeremy Duncan, Vibe

Contact Details

124 Sixty Eight Rd
Baldivis WA 6171
Phone:08 9521 5043
Accredited Tourism Business Australia