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September 12th, 2014

CIAWA Submission to the Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenant) Act Review

CIAWA has made a submission to the Department of Commerce in response to the Regulatory Impact Statement Consultation Paper on the Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenant) Act 2006. The submission can be found at the following link. Information in the submission has been provided by the Parks Committee and input from Members via an online survey and directly through one on one consultation. Legal firm Rockwell Oliver and accounting firm BDO were contracted to provide expert advice.

For any further queries on the submission and the Department process please contact CIAWA and ask to speak with CEO Mr Simon Glossop.


September 1st, 2014

CIAWA Submission to the Caravan Park and Camping Grounds Act review

CIAWA as the representative body for the Caravan Industry has submitted a document to the Department of Local Government and Communities in response to the release of a Regulatory Impact Statement Consultation Paper.

Please refer to the following link for the full document.


September 1st, 2014

Amended Electricity Tariffs for Permanent Residents

The Federal Government has repealed the Carbon Tax effective September 1st 2014 and a new rate is applicable for the A1 Residential Tariff.

Members are advised that the Carbon Tax must be refunded to permanent residents for July and August. please refer to the attached information relating to the refund and the new A1 Residential Tariff.

Please contact the CIAWA office and ask for Simon for any information relating to this information.

Amended 2014 Electricity Tariff


July 31st, 2014

Hansard Extract from debate by MLA’s on the Residential Park (Long Stay Tenant) Act 2006 motion to review

On April 13th 2011 Members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly debated a motion regarding the Residential Park (Long Stay Tenant) Act 2006, with local MLA’s on both side of the House making statements into what they saw as inequities into the application of the Act by Caravan Park operators and how home owners were being prejudiced against.

As we head towards the submission deadline date for the Regulatory Impact Statement discussion paper, 12th September. It is worth the time for Park Operators to scroll through the Hansard record of the discussion in the House, this will provide an insight for Park Operators as to the objective sought by Government from the review of the Act, which will help formulate your response.

Hansard Report from Residential Park Discussion April 2011

July 18th, 2014

Value of your Caravan Park to your community

As part of the ongoing efforts by Industry Associations and led by the national body, Caravan Industry Association of Australia, a calculator that is able to generate the value in money of your own individual Caravan Park to your local community

With the release of the Local Economic Benefit of Caravan Park Calculator, available at This user-friendly calculator demonstrates the positive economic impact of your commercial Caravan Park to your local community. By following the simple steps, you can receive a report which can be downloaded as a PDF. Not only is it easy to use, it’s free. This is an exciting new resource that will allow park owners and operators to create a research-based document, specific to their business.

Understanding the economic contribution of your park may assist with:

  • Generating support and goodwill for your facilities
  • Highlighting the impact of non-commercial camping in your community
  • Demonstrating the positive local economic benefit of your commercial caravan holiday park.

The calculator is based on two independently commissioned research reports conducted by BDO which can be found under the CIAWA Information tab and under the drop down menu heading Research.

If you have any questions in relation to the Local Economic Benefit of Caravan Park – Calculator, please contact Caravan Industry Association of Australia on 07 3262 6566 or CIAWA on 9358 5622.

July 17th, 2014

Let’s Go Caravan & Camping WA Southern Adventures Magazine

CIAWA in partnership with Tourism WA and The Sunday Times, are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative thanks to funding received from the State Governments Royalty for Region’s program.

That is a special 56 page glossy magazine to promote caravan and camping in Western Australia, based on our very successful and high quality Perth Show Magazine this will be full of information on the sector, travel destinations and product. Two editions will be produced that promote the entire state over both editions. The first one to be circulated on October 5th 2014 will be called “Let’s Go Caravan & Camping WA Southern Adventures” and available for all business servicing the caravan and camping sector with a focus on accommodation providers including and south of Geraldton. The second will be in May 2015 for north of Geraldton.

The Sunday Times is handling the production, creation and circulation of the magazine which will be inserted into every Sunday Times around the state on October 5th 2014. The Association will also be heavily promoting the lifestyle and magazine on radio and online with supporting print advertising around the magazine.

For all enquiries and booking into the magazine please contact the Sunday Times directly, the flyer is included at the following link Let’s Go Caravan & Camping SOUTH flyer


June 20th, 2014

Planning Bulletin 49

Planning Bulletin 49 outlines guidelines for the development of Caravan Parks and is used by Local Government Town Planners and the Western Australian Planning Commission to evaluate development applications for both new and existing caravan parks. The Department of Planning has recently updated and released the new Planning Bulletin and it can be found by clicking the following link. Planning Bulletin 49 Caravan Parks

Complimenting the specific Planning document for Caravan Parks is the broader Tourism Planning Guideline, appropriately called that and this can be found at the following link Tourism Planning Guidelines

We recommend any operator looking at developing their park to review these documents in the first instance.

June 9th, 2014

Caravan Park and Camping Ground Act, new legislation proposed

The Department of Local Government is developing new legislation to replace the current industry guidelines, the Caravan Park and Camping Ground Act 1995.

It is important that all industry stakeholders make comment on the new legislation as it will direct and control all activities carried out in a Caravan Park and impacts on residential parks as well.

The Association will be making a submission on behalf of Members and will be contacting Members to make sure the submission represents the view and position of industry. We will ensure Members are kept informed as to the draft submissions to allow for direct feedback into the submission. We strongly suggest all Members make a submission supporting the industry position.

The Consultation paper can be found at the following link. The Department of Local Government has also included a Frequently Asked Question document and Feedback From for simplified responses, follow the links to those documents.

Submissions close 1 September 2014 with information in the document on how to make a submission.

Caravan Park Act Consultation Paper May 2014

Caravan Park Act FAQs 2014

Caravan Park Act Feedback Form 2014

June 9th, 2014

2nd Stage of the Residential Park (Long Stay Tenant) Act 2006 Review

On Friday 6th June 2014 the Department of Commerce released a media statement announcing the second stage of the review into the Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenant) Act 2006.

To All those in the industry it is important to take time to read the second stage of the review into the Act that covers all parts of permanent residents living in caravan parks and residential lifestyle villages in Western Australia.

The second stage is called a Regulatory Impact Statement and sets out options that received in comments into the first stage of the review in 2012.

As the Department of Commerce’s website say’s “The paper tests those options, sets out some of the pros and cons and seeks feedback from stakeholders. The options seek to balance the competing interests of tenants and park operators, by providing appropriate protection for tenants, while seeking to ensure the residential parks sector remains viable for operators.”

The Association is in the process of reviewing the consultation paper and will engage with Members to ensure a submission to the paper is made with Members input and perspective. We will ensure that Members are informed of the position and comments that the Association will make in the submission and encourage Members to make their own submission in support of the industry position.

Submissions close on the 12th of September 2014 and details on how to make a submission are provided in the document. Simply click on the link to the discussion paper here to find the full document.

Discussion Paper